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Voici une suite au mail de J. Higgins !
Thanks Oliver, Your details will be up on my website in the coming weeks as soon as my webmaster is up on it, if you can let your friends know about the site that would be well appreciated, see below a publicity tag I am sending out to online Fanzines.

Best John


John Higgins’ website has been through a major revamp, adding more artwork, more features and the Studio Shop. The Studio Shop is set to become a major feature of the already-popular website, selling not only John’s self-published Razorjack comics, but also much of the original artwork on which John has worked (including Judge Dredd, Thunderbolt Jaxon, Swamp Thing, Hellblazer and The Hills have Eyes, Graphic novel). A large percentage of John’s fan-mail contains requests for specific pages; with the Studio Shop it will be possible for fans to buy old or current work at realistic prices. Future plans for the Studio Shop include a regular “studio dump-bin sale” through which comic fans and serious collectors will be able to buy rare one-off items (such as character sketches, scripts, and unpublished pages) from guest artists and writers. The first Studio Sale will include colour proofs of DC’s Absolute Watchmen, signed by Dave Gibbons and John Higgins. For the serious Watchmen fan, these colour proofs are the rarest of all items: There will only ever be one print of each page! Visit to explore John’s galleries, comprehensive bibliography, and the Studio Shop!
Rendez-vous au 14.
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