[YAZ 2018] L'Hérétique tome 2: Les Conspirateurs (Alexander Abati - permusashi)
Réponse pour toi Aronaar,

"Thank you so much for your elaborated feedback, in which I find many elements of truth. The credibility of the story is sometimes halting. This is also partially related to the fact that some question marks will be clarified in book 3 and 4. In particular I agree that the conspiration looks naive. It is intentionally, as the the six 'braves' are instruments of the High Priest of Ekerion.
I also acknowledge that 6 characters are too much to handle and in books 3 and 4 the party is just one man, the hero. You can still choose between 6 characters, but the adventure is in 'solo'.
Your feedback would deserve much more elaborated comment, so, please accept my apologies, if I am short of words.
Stay tuned for the next releases!"

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