[54] La Légende de Zagor
Voilà une copie du texte qui apparait dans le livre :

Fighting Fantasy Fact 21
For many years, the gamebook version of Legend of Zagor was the
subject of a rumour regarding the authorship of the adventure.
Livingstone is credited with writing the book but the adventure
uses elements more common to those written by the prolific Keith
Martin. In fact, many of the new Unique Rules featured within
(Test Your Spot Skill for example) appear in Keith Martin’s other
gamebooks such as Island of the Undead and later, Revenge of the
Keith Martin, of course, was a pen name of parapsychologist and
game designer Carl Sargent who wrote The Zagor Chronicles, which
connect both directly and indirectly with not only Legend of Zagor
but also Casket of Souls.
So did Ian Livingstone really write the gamebook version of the
board game? “It’s about time somebody asked me that! Yes, Carl
Sargent did write the gamebook version of Legend of Zagor
. I was
too busy working on the game to find time to write it myself, but
I was very aware that Parker Brothers wanted the gamebook to
be published at the same time as the game to benefit from crosspromotion
at launch. So I commissioned Carl in December 1992
to write the book based on the characters and settings I’d created
for the game. I asked him to stay as close as possible to the game
narrative, ensuring the four main games characters were playable
in the book. Carl was brilliant and delivered the manuscript in two
months. The book and game launch went ahead as planned. In
hindsight it should have been credited as an ‘Ian Livingstone and
Carl Sargent’ book, but nobody in marketing liked that idea at
the time. If it is ever published again, I will make sure that Carl is
correctly credited.”

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